ZeroAnce is a fashion startup company that aims to become world’s nr 1 in Zero Waste fashion brand.

Zero Waste fashion stands for a design and production process that uses fabrics in its entirety. In short it means that there are no leftovers in production. This contributes enormously to a more sustainable fashion industry, where normally between 10% and 30% of fabric is leftover, of which a large part is still ending up on dumping grounds or is being incinerated.

Solving the puzzle to come to 100% use of the fabrics, is a very intricate and time-consuming puzzle. The first item for which we solved that puzzle is the stylish and comfortable ZeroAnce Tracksuit. An iconic item as it will be a world premier. The soft launch of the ZeroAnce Tracksuit is scheduled for spring 2023.

For more information on investment possibilities please contact Ronald Krikke, or Guido Lap,



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