ZeroAnce - zero waste - pattern


Zero-waste. It all starts with the pattern. Did you know that an estimated 10-30% of fabric gets lost during the cutting of the pattern? We’ll make this easy for you. If we assume that an average of 20% gets lost, that means that for every five t-shirts you own, one t-shirt ends up in a landfill. Now take a look at your closet. How much fabric do you think was wasted for all your t-shirts, pants, and jackets? When that wasted fabric ends up in a landfill, it will take up to 200 years to disappear.

To change this reckless way of production, we researched a more sustainable way to produce clothing. This brought us to the classic Japanese kimono. The kimono is the most well-known item of clothing made with a zero-waste pattern. We applied this technique to our tracksuit, bringing together the comfiest garments with the comfortable knowledge no fabric was lost in the process. This was far from easy – the bumpy road to a zero-waste tracksuit took two years of hard work and difficult decisions.

And it doesn’t stop there. You see, we are in this because we want to shake up the industry, and show a difference can be made. We want to demonstrate that consumers want better, more responsible products and are more than eager to jump out of the destructive fast fashion cycle. So, we invite you to look at our patterns, our supply chain, and our way of work. Think you can do better? Great! We would love to hear from you. After all, we’re all on this planet together.

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